Case Study

ZERO Candies are one of the best performing brands in the candy segment of the Greek market due to their taste, packaging and zero sugar content. For the Christmas period, we wanted to create a digital activation as special as the brand.

Our community loves ZERO Candies and expresses its feelings with comments, mentions and reactions in social media. It’s not wrong to say that ZERO Candies tend to become a love brand. We wanted to take advantage of our audience’s desire to engage with the brand in a time period when everyone is keen to share love and wishes. The challenge was to wrap this insight in a fun, festive and engaging package.

The Christmas Challenge

Oh ZERO Tree!

So, we started thinking of Christmas references and symbols, and a tune popped in our heads. “Oh Zero Tree” was born. A Christmas tree decorated by Zero candies and users’ wishes.
We invited users to enter and build the world’s sweetest digital Christmas tree. Each user could choose their favorite Zero candy and use it to decorate the Zero Tree alongside a wish for the New Year.

With every Zero candy,
the Zero tree got bigger and bigger,
exceeding a total of 10,000 participations.

A Torrent of Wishes