Case Study

Pressbox Publishing wanted to launch an ultimate guide to online betting, HelpBet. We were asked to create a brand new platform with information on other online betting companies, featuring a tool to help users compare and evaluate them, and giving them the ability to evaluate bookmakers. In HelpBet, users would be able to find the most comprehensive betting guide, with betting theories, daily updates on betting news, and a special section on betting offers and bonuses.

The Requirements

Brand Identity Design

The challenge in designing a brand identity was the very specific target market, where the logo had to be identifiable and at the same time eye-catching and differentiated from the competition, to appeal to the Greek and European markets. Starting with the type font, we customized a heavy sans serif font which helped us create a sturdy logo, giving a sense of reliability and stability. It is readable in all sizes including negative applications.

The +b symbol represents the two words, “help”, symbolized here by the cross sign, and “Bet”, represented by the letter B. The symbol was designed to be used with different color combinations for each content section of the platform, allowing us to build the visual identity of the whole project. The main color palette is black and yellow, a vivid and contrasting combination which is warm and friendly as well as attention grabbing.

Challenge:Website Design and Development

The main challenge of the project,
and definitive measure of success,
was the need for high website traffic from
organic search engine results,
in order to stand out from the competition
in the Greek and European markets

SEO – No1 Sales Factor

The Solution:

High-performance and fast site

Our main concern was the sound technical
design of the platform, to make it SEO Friendly.
Priority was given to make the website
particularly lightweight and fast, despite the
large amounts of information.

Challenge:Front & Back-end development

The nature of the content, which is complex,
multi-faceted and of large volume, makes it
difficult to achieve UX / UI implementation, as
the user needs to be able to find a sum of
relevant pieces information quickly and easily,
to learn, stay updated and have the tools to
compare multiple betting companies in order
to make the right choice, according to his profile.
At the same time, at the back-end level, the
complexity of the content must be structured
in such a way that the administrator will be
able to refresh it with ease.

Huge and
Complicated Content

The Solution:

Friendly Front
& Back-end environment

It took many hours of research and analysis for
the UX / UI design, specifically how to structure
the massive amounts of information and special
features to make the platform user-friendly and
an easy-to-use betting guide.
At the backend level, analysis was undertaken
and additional development time was invested
in order to create a highly organized set up that
saves administrators’ time, is easy to familiarize
with and requires minimal experience.