Exclusive Lab is a medical aesthetic clinic with branches in Athens and Thessaloniki, providing anti-aging and weight loss beauty treatments for face and body, thanks to its specialized team of cosmetologists, advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Client:

    Exclusive Lab

  • Categories:

    Brand Identity Design
    Digital & Social Media Strategy
    Logo redesign
    Video creation
    Content creation
    Social Media Management

We faced two major challenges for this project. The first one was to differentiate ourselves from the norm in the medical aesthetic industry, dominated by aggressive marketing techniques that frequently use before and after pictures. The second was to build the brand's image in order to increase awareness in our target group, generation Z, the swipe-before-they-can-write generation.

The Challenges


Logo Redesign

Aiming to create a new visual identity for the brand, we redesigned the logo in turquoise to symbolize air and water, and we enhanced it with a modern, stylish design and discreet, clean aesthetics. At the same time, we focused on the word "lab" to balance the logo and reinforce the notion of science.

Digital channels used:

Facebook, Instagram

Video Creation

Video preview

In order to change the conventional "negging" communication practices that prevail in the medical aesthetics industry, we created a brand launch video with the message "Get ready for the After... Now". The video shows footage from beautiful, summer moments of joy, full of confidence and enthusiasm, invoking positive feelings.

Content Creation

Drawing inspiration from the generation Z lifestyle, we create eye-catching, fresh content on social media, to increase conversions and promote all different services in an appealing and friendly way for the brand’s target audience.