uses advanced technology to create a new search experience for finding professionals by linking thousands of individuals and businesses directly to the right professionals for their work or project.

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    Google and Social Media Campaign

The Challenge

According to this project, we faced two major challenges. The first one was to change the perception users had concerning the service, from the customary behavior to look for a phone number and call a professional, to fill in a form and wait for the professionals to reach back. In that way, users would be able to select the most suitable candidate.

The second challenge was the huge spectrum of services that we had to advertise, specifically over 20 different services to different target audiences.


Our strategy was based on solid and measurable goals, a defined target group and a particular set of tools. We used Google Search for users who search using specific keywords, closely related to services and Facebook for its location abilities in targeting, such as extensive remarketing and custom lists and GDN for remarketing and affiliate network.

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