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Client Zoumboulakis Galleries

Year 2019

Work Website Design & Development

About Zoumboulakis

For more than a century, Zoumboulakis Galleries have been an iconic name in the world of art in Greece, mapping their journey through objects full of stories, and bringing modern art to the Greek homes.

The Challenge

Our goal was to drastically redesign the client’s website into an one-stop destination, where the promotion of the two gallery venues would be in perfect balance with the promotion of the eshop. We had to create an eshop for art and design objects, curated by leading designers from all over the world, while at the same time bringing to the public the venues and artists who have exhibited their works over the years on the galleries’ premises.

An inventive way to showcase this fusion was in the “shop the window” feature, which brings the physical to the digital world, by making the gallery’s current shop window display in Kriezotou Street, shoppable. By clicking on the homepage section, the user can see each item listed separately and then click to shop or find out more about the artist.

A bridge to Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP)

The website had to be compatible and able to “communicate” with the ERP system in place, to allow for seamless and automated data sharing in real-time across departments. This was necessary in order to streamline eshop sales with stock, inventory and updated customer databases.

The art of Design
& UX

Design is not art, because design has to have a clear purpose and intent, but they both share some fundamental values. They create visual experiences and they benefit from expressing emotions and telling stories. But what happens when the purpose of design is to tell the story of art? It gets complicated, so the design has to be crystal clear, minimal and understated. We applied the latest trends in design, adapting them to the brand’s distinct identity, creating interest through typography but focusing on the fluidity of browsing, to let the user wander around and discover artists and works of art.