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Client Start Dredging

Year 2018

Work Video, Strategy, Media, Digital Campaigns,
Branding, Social Media, Web app,
Website Design & Development
Logo Creation

About Start Dredging

A Dutch shipbuilding company, Royal IHC, wanted to increase awareness and industry knowledge on their niche market sector. Royal IHC is one of the market leaders in ship manufacture for the dredging Industry. These vessels are used for excavating projects within large bodies of water, including the deepening and widening of ports, rivers and lakes, and are used for excavating projects within large bodies of water, including the deepening and widening of ports, rivers and lakes, and are associated with construction, land reclamation, creation of artificial islands etc.

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& Opportunity


Dredging takes place all over the world, especially in developing countries, like Pakistan, India, and Nigeria, but industry awareness is very low even within construction professionals, while expert know-how is scarce and hard to find. If more people in key positions in the construction industry or in local authorities knew their problems could be solved with dredging, the market would grow and Royal IHC’s sales would inevitably rise. If you want to boost sales and you’re already ahead of the competition, you simply have to grow the market.


The Idea

The idea was to create a minimally branded content hub with its own brand identity, offering specialized industry knowledge, in order to educate interested parties across the globe on dredging, from history to benefits to step-by-step guides, common problems and case studies.

The Solution

We prepared an integrated digital strategy that included a creative approach to website design and functionality, based on audience type, which we call “audience personas”. We wanted to reach all potential target audiences and offer each one of them tailor-made content on the industry, addressing different types of questions and problems, depending on the audience’s field of work, industry type and level of expertise.



In order to identify potential target audiences, a global survey was conducted, using searches for relevant dredging related keywords, either at problem or equipment level, per country. This research was implemented with the tools: MOE, Google Keyword Planner, answerthepublic & kwfinder.

The 2nd part concerned the recording and monitoring of Digital Channels of both competitors and organizations related to Dredging ( Inter-organizational interviews with dredging experts and clients, in order to identify and understand the audience personas.

We created 4 different Audience Personas, including detailed profiling
to identify each one’s special characteristics and specific needs:

Users new to dredging


Public Servants
in Port of Government Related Sectors

or Enterpreneurs

Logo Creation

From a design point of view, the first step before creating the content platform, was to design a crisp and clear brand identity, starting from the Start Dredging logo. We wanted a playful, descriptive but at the same time serious and industry-fitting logo. The color palette we used was grey, to convey the metal in dredging vessels, while the overall shape of the logo is reminiscent of a ship. The word “start” takes the place of a funnel and a simple design element strategically positioned at the front of the logo, resembles a ship’s bow. The result is a dynamic logo that tells a story, and appears to be moving forward, to a new era. on the audience’s field of work, industry type and level of expertise.


Launch Video

In order to attract attention and boost interest, we produced a fun animated video to promote the launch of the campaign, selecting an aesthetic that was unusual for the industry. A cute but frustrated Poseidon, the God of the Sea, was our main character. When his powerful trident doesn’t prove effective enough to clear the waters around his temple, he turns to StartDredging to help him find the solution. Because knowledge is power and power makes everything possible.

Countries targeted:


Digital channels used:

Web App Development:

Equipment Selector

We designed and implemented a tool that helps the user to determine the most suitable vessel for their project, by filling in basic project characteristics, production details and operational time. This tool proved to be invaluable for interested parties, as the vessel needed helps determine project costs. The equipment selector also provided the Client with a direct sales lead to follow up.


We generated 87 sales leads from social media alone. Those messages were sent to the Facebook page asking for more information about dredging and seeking co-operation with the company. Each of these leads was several hundreds of thousands worth, keeping in mind that negotiations for an actual sale can take up to a whole year.






Equipment Selector Submissions


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The campaign was awarded with the Gold award in IAB Mixx Award in the category of Direct Response & Lead Generation and Bronze Social Media Award in the category Best Social Media Strategy for B2B