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AS Amstelveen, Netherlands
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Client Softomotive

Year 2019

Work UI/UX,
Front End Development,
Icon Design

About Softomotive

Softomotive is one of the leading worldwide providers of Robotic Process Automation solutions, trusted by more than 8,000 companies worldwide, offering a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, small teams, growth companies, and large enterprises.

The Challenge

Softomotive wanted to launch an updated web Academy which would provide comprehensive training in RPA and Softomotive’s solutions. The aim of the Academy is to make it easy for professionals and developers to join, learn and develop their RPA skills in a fast-moving market where such capabilities are in great demand by current and future employers.

The Solution


In the already existing web Academy that Softomotive had created, we designed a smooth and friendly user experience on the intuitive web-based interface that highlights the rich catalogue of video-based RPA courses and makes it easy for business executives and developers to pick the best learning path for them.

Project Management

We set up a dedicated project team in order to have the best possible implementation and coordination between the Softomotive teams in Greece and London, and DigitalWise.

User Journey Map

In order to create the best possible user experience, we put ourselves in the place of prospective users. Our goal was to design all the navigation scenarios, all the necessary elements, pages and functions, so that each user could reach each phase of their training easily and intuitively. Working alongside with Softomotive team, we proposed and put together online mapping tools, and after many hours of research and multiple checks, we created the final User Journey Map, the so-called Mindmap, that would appeal to every persona interested in RPA. At each stage of the implementation, we used the Mindmap as a reference to confirm or correct our actions.


Design and Front End Development

Based on the User Journey Map, and the Softomotive’s strategy and goals (KPIs), we created mockup designs which we implemented on the web platform, ensuring at the same time an experience tailored to handheld devices (tablet, mobile etc.). In addition, we created all the marketing material, like Key Visuals, Newsletters and Digital Banners, in order to provide a holistic launching campaign for the Academy.


Icon Design

Icons are a simple and effective way to attract user attention and communicate information at-a-glance. Using icons, we managed to simplify long texts while giving the user the ability to navigate the platform quickly and easily.


The website was awarded with the Silver award in the e-volution awards 2020, in the category Best in Software.