Client Amvyx

Year 2020

Work Web Design,

About Serkova

Serkova is a leading vodka brand in Greece, distributed by Amvyx S.A., and is known for its authentic, crystal clear taste, made from 100% grain. The addition of the premium Crystal Pure variant to the Serkova label was the driving force behind the decision to create a brand new website for the beloved Serkova brand.

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The main objective was to create an interactive website which would highlight the Serkova brand and values, upgrading its image and differentiating it in the eyes of the consumer, in relation to the other vodkas in the market.
Our goal was to build an online “temple” for Serkova, to function as a “digital meeting point” for users, going one step beyond a simple declaration of quality, namely the signature Crafted Perfection. A flexible platform capable of hosting a variety of activations and future events, turning user interaction into experience.
An additional objective was to create a website visually consistent with the Serkova Crystal Pure bottle, which from then on, represent the brand image.

The Challenge

The challenge we had to face was to present the brand not only through the attributes of the product itself, but through story-telling, which would enable us to communicate the essence of the brand’s values, focusing on our target audience and their identity. Who they are, who they want to be and the choices they make. All that, so they would feel confident to choose to order Serkova at a bar, on their night out.

This is how was created. The new crystal clear, ice-cold and interactive vodka sanctuary!


Taking global trends into account and combining insights of the alcoholic beverages market in Greece, we knew we could create a unique experience for our audience. Storytelling has been a hot topic in communication for some time. Brands talk about themselves through their own values, objectives and dreams, in a direct and personal manner, in order to stand out from the competition and get the audience to identify with who they are and what they do. That’s why we created a navigation style which helps the user discover the brand intuitively, step by step, unfolding the story.

Consumers in the food & drink industries are becoming increasingly cautious about what they buy. They do their research and compare products,in order to narrow down their options and make decisions on where to spend their money. They look for quality and authenticity. Guided by this buyer behavior, we highlightedSerkova’s ingredients and even more so the production and distillation process, which makes it stand out from other vodkas on the market. According to market trends, website animation and interaction improve user experience, increase user stay-time and indirectly lead to more conversions. That’s why we put emphasis on the use of animated components andusers’ ability to interact with elements on the site.

Innovation & Implementation

Innovation lies in the unique user experience, which makes users become engaged with the brand. To realize the Crystal Pure Living experience, we decided to showcase the details of the Serkova Crystal Pure bottle by converting it to 3D format in 360o. For the implementation we relied on open source platforms, however we did create a custom theme from scratch, making use of the latest technologies.

The custom themes offers the ability to easily and directly modify the content of the site through the content management system (CMS). Lastly, several techniques were used to optimize site speed and performance, as well as technologies that significantly speed up page appearance and positively enhance the user reading experience. Specifically, code compression practices and page elements (CSS, JS) were followed.

Design for UX

Upon entering the website, users see the Crystal Pure bottle and a welcome message. With each mouse scroll, the bottle rotates parallel to its axis, while the text of the storyline changes by its side. In addition to the bottle’s“reaction”to each scroll, we enable users to interact with elements framing the bottle, giving them the feeling they’re in control. Aiming to indirectly communicate to the user the sense of purity, crystalline texture and ice, and of course convey high quality, we used hover effects on the images, turning them into crystalline. Parallax elements, large photos, product videos and transparent elements signifying ice, all combined with smooth animation on hoverand ample white space, enrich the user experience and build on the brand identity.


Our goals were achieved and the new Serkova website offers users an immersive experience which upgrades the overall image of the Serkova brand and stands out from the competition. 3D elements, videos and interactive elements attract attention and invite users to stay and explore, to discover the world of Serkova and feel that’s where they belong.


The website was awarded with the Bronze Evolution Award in the category of Design Aesthetics – Animation, with an Honorable Mention by Awwwards for Web Design & Development and with Special Kudos Award by CSS Design Awards.