Client OFG

Year 2018

Work Website Design & Development,
Content Creation

About OFG

OFG is a HO.RE.CA (hotel, restaurant, catering) and baking products wholesale trading company. They asked us to design and develop a B2B corporate website, to be used as a powerful sales tool for further business expansion. The website provides a comprehensive guide of the product range, including product specifications.

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Website design

The biggest challenge we faced was the need to design a website that would look and feel welcoming, dynamic
and robust to all users, even though a large amount of the content would only be accessible to wholesale clients. To achieve this, content structure, custom navigation and compartmentalization was key.

The website was built to be easily updated and maintained and, most importantly, easily expanded in the future to fulfil the ever-growing needs of the industry.

Specifically, it has built-in capabilities to be easily converted into a wholesale e-shop when the market is ready. The foundations are already in place!

The custom design included a seminar section complete with online registration forms, to establish market presence and further develop the industry.