Client Midea

Year 2019

Work TVC, Media Strategy,
Digital Campaigns
& Social Media

About Midea Dehumidifiers

With innovation as one of its core values, Midea is a well-loved brand within the Greek market of air conditioning appliances. What many people didn’t know, however, is that Midea also offers dehumidifiers, a segment with growing popularity in Greece in the last 3-4 years.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced was that we needed to create a campaign that would make an impact and stand out from the competition, while keeping the creative concept realistic. That’s right, the Client didn’t want us to exaggerate the problem caused by humidity.

The Solution

We studied the effects of humidity on walls, buildings and structures, in order to create alternative scenarios which made our case on a realistic level. However, what we discovered was that the ways in which humidity affects people living in the house, are much more serious and very real indeed.

Humidity makes you cold and can flare up allergies, it makes it hard to breathe, you feel suffocated, you can’t sleep at night, it makes you feel miserable. Living with humidity is pretty toxic. Oh wait. This sounds familiar. We knew we were up to something. What if humidity was presented as a partner we live with, when the relationship has become toxic? What if all you need to set yourself free is to tell them “we need to talk”, explain that you can’t live with them anymore and get them out of your house, simply by pushing the ON button on your dehumidifier?

And so we had our concept: The Breakup.


Media Strategy

We created a 360o media buying strategy which, according to our client’s needs and the brand strategy, was split between TV and Digital.


TV Strategy

The dehumidifier industry is highly seasonal (with a short run from October to January), increasing the pressure between the competition. In order to stand out and increase media performance, we created a main 20 sec TVC spot, a cut version of 10 sec and a 6 sec promotional product video. Our main goal was to reach as many unique consumers as possible, ensuring at the same time that our message will be exposed effectively to all the targeted personas.

6 sec promotional product video


Digital Strategy

The campaign was promoted on social media, Facebook ads, YouTube, GDN and Programmatic, while creative banners with the Breakup concept led to a landing page with further information on why and how to end the relationship with humidity. Our goal was to reach as many people as we could and spread our message across all platforms.