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AS Amstelveen, Netherlands
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Year 2018

Work Website Design & Development, Media,
Content Creation, Newsletter Marketing,
Social Media, Digital Campaigns,
Print, Video Production & Creation,
Events Brand Identity, Strategy

About Lovegreece is a multi-channel platform with a vision of promoting the image of the country and showcase talented and successful Greeks. Its mission is to attract the interest of the public in order to increase the demand for Greek products and services.

Website redesign

The challenge was to redesign the platform to be a dynamic channel of communication, focusing on content that is updated daily with selected articles. On the renewed platform, Leaders’ news is now on the home page. In a modern blogging environment, the user can now actively engage in an interactive forum for the development of, recommending the people he considers to be ideal Leaders. Click. Discover. Explore. Sign Up.


wine tasting night organized a Greek wine celebration, a presentation of the 15 most promising labels from Greek wineries, that was held and followed by an impressive wine-tasting. We were asked to visually conceptualize the event, in order to create its digital communication and printed materials as well as the social media campaign. As the video producers of Leaders’ interviews, we organized, conducted and published 15 videos for the Greek wineries and an overall video presenting the whole event. The event marked the beginning of a series of thematic events for and the promotion of the Greek Leaders.