Client Kymco

Year 2019

Work TVC, Radio, Digital Banners,
Media, Digital Campaigns,
Social Media, Landing Pages,
Print & Media Strategy

About Kymco

Kymco is one of the leading scooter brands in the world. Its mission is to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers. It always goes above and beyond in order to bring to customers the most thoughtful riding experience for everyday life. Kymco’s current product range includes scooters, motorcycles, mobility scooters, ATVs and utility vehicles.

The Challenge

Kymco’s new models have been upgraded as far as technology and design are concerned. So what Kymco needed was to target an upper-middle class audience and make the brand top of the consumers’ mind when thinking about buying a scooter. This, eventually, will result in a sales increase, especially in Athens, which holds almost the half of the total share in Greece.


Our role

We stepped in as a strategic brand partner, in order to consult, design, create and implement new ideas and solutions. We exclusively handle all marketing, communication and promo activities, being responsible for the brand’s image in a 360° way.

“Win my heart” strategy

Kymco is always trying to exceed the modern rider’s expectations with new technologies, innovations and new models. That’s how it manages to win the riders’ hearts. That’s what we needed to convey to the audience through every media channel.
To communicate the new premium nature of the brand we followed a holistic path that would incorporate the brand’s “Win my heart” philosophy both at product level and in the brand’s overall style of communication.
Seasonality was taken into account. During high sales season, we decided to give emphasis in models and their attributes, targeting each scooter’s audience separately after research in order to find out the characteristics that mostly appeal to them, whereas during less popular months, we build the brand’s value by communicating technological innovations (G5 engines, Noodoe, electric scooters), future models and their continuous growth in order to win each rider’s heart.

win-my-heart bike


We created printed ads for the most popular models, focusing on their different characteristics and individual USPs.


We created and recorded two radio spots for the DownTown 350i and Agility 16+ scooters, trying to communicate their USPs with humor and wit.


Taking into account the new 2019 models and the “Win my Heart” strategy, we redesigned the Kymco catalogue, giving a more atmospheric and urban character to the scooters, while at the same time enhancing the premium nature of the brand.


DownTown 350i is one of Kymco’s flagship and a flagship needs its own TVC. We worked on the script, the direction and the editing of the video, focusing on the main characteristics of the scooter.

Social Media

Our social media plan is divided between the promotion of scooters and the communication of brand’s technological innovations (G5 engines, Noodoe). Our purpose is to deliver Kymco’s values in a premium but at the same time witty, approachable and friendly style.

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Landing Pages
& Digital Banners

We designed landing pages for the most popular scooters, in order for the consumers to discover all the information they might need in one page, in a friendly and appealing way. At the same time we promote these landing pages through a variety of digital banners.

Media Strategy

We created a 360° media buying strategy that, according to the client needs and the brand strategy, was split between TV, Radio, Print, Digital and Event promotion.