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Client Motorend

Year 2020

Work Website Redesign,

About Kymco

Kymco is one of the leading scooter brands in the world. Its mission is to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers. It always goes above and beyond in order to bring to customers the most thoughtful riding experience for everyday life. Kymco’s current product range includes scooters, motorcycles, mobility scooters, ATVs and utility vehicles.

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The challengeThe challenge

Through the prism of the central philosophy “Win my heart”, Kymco upgrades its fleet every year, in order to win more and more the hearts of its consumers. Especially, over the last years, Kymco’s new models are defined by technology and design.
However, this philosophy, technology and aesthetics of Kymco were not reflected through its existing website. It was irresponsive and it felt obsolete and outdated. It provided limited opportunities to promote the models, their features and in general the services offered by Kymco.
So, our goal was to redesign Kymco’s website, in order to communicate in a modern, but simple and accessible way the vision, the values and the philosophy of the brand, so that it makes every user fall in love with Kymco’s models.At the same time we had to manage a very large amount of information and we had to find a way to present it in a simple and user friendly way on both desktop and the mobile.

UX AnalysisUX Analysis

Initially, we proceeded to a UX Analysis, studying the needs of Kymco consumers. We designed wireframes, based on the personas we created, and we designed a detailed mindmap, in order to achieve the easiest possible navigation for the users. We put a lot of emphasis on micro-targeting, and we divided the consumers by category based on their wants and needs.

UI DesignUI Design

InnoRegarding the overall structure of the website, we used large and impressive photos, focusing on the details and emphasizing the technologies that differentiate in each scooter. We designed a clean user interface for simple and fast navigation, while trying to have as much information as possible with minimal screen scrolling, without affecting the UX. Thanks to the floating icons we created, the user can now easily schedule an appointment for service, get redirected to the page of Kymco Test Ride It and request a test ride, but also find the closest distributor to them.

Models PresentationModels Presentation

We paid great attention to the presentation of scooters and other Kymco products, by creating a digital microcosm for each product, a landing page in which the user can navigate and search for information about the scooter that interests them. More specifically, on each product’s landing page there is a detailed description of the scooter, its 360o presentation, all the technical features, photos, videos, and even sounds from the engine so that the user can live a complete experience. Moreover, all the manuals and warranty books the consumer might need, can be easily found and download.

At the same time, on each landing page we created categories / tabs to organize the structure and to facilitate the navigation. We have also made it easy for the user to find accessories and equipment for each scooter. It is also important the user can be redirected with just one click on the Test Ride It form to schedule an appointment and ride the scooter they want. In addition, we focused on the financing section, making it more accessible, easy and fast for the user to calculate the installments and the deposit that suits them the best.

B2B sectionB2B section

A large part of Kymco’s sales are of course the B2B customers, so we created a page just for them. Each dealer, through the Dealers Area section we designed, is able to use their personal passwords, to make orders, find information about scooters, guarantees, manuals and so on. At the same time, for specialized Promotions that take place every year (eg Black Friday), Kymco provides the possibility of interest-free installments through the central Online payment system – e-pos. So, dealers can now easily guide users to choose the repayment program that serves them through an easy and fast online process.




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