Client Haris Cotton

Year 2019

Work Print, Digital Campaigns, Media,
Landing Page Design, Website Design,
Social Media, Strategy, Branding
& Shop Decorations

About Haris Cotton

Haris Cotton is a Greek company designing and manufacturing high-quality linen clothing, capturing the essence of Greek summer. It has stores in Athens and the Greek islands, stockists all over the world and an eshop catering to an international customer base.

DigitalWise & Haris Cotton

We act as a strategic brand partner, closely collaborating with the Client to consult, plan, design, create and implement new ideas and solutions.
We exclusively handle all marketing, communication and promo activities, being responsible for the brand’s image in what we call a holistic, 360° way.


We design and create all Haris Cotton communication assets, from retail store design consulting to shop materials, leaflets, exhibition stands, banners, etc.

Look Books

We designed the Look Books for the Spring – Summer 2019 Collection, which was aimed at B2B clients in order for them to view the collection and select items to stock in their own stores. With a minimalist aesthetic which represents the brand’s personality, we designed a new “logo series”, creating a different logo for each sub-collection, featuring each collections’ defining characteristics, but with common elements and a uniform feel. In only 6 days, we completed the 144 page Look Book, ready to hit the American market.

Brand Identity

We are currently in the process of creating the Haris Cotton brand manual, to define the brand in every aspect of its image and market positioning. This includes every tiny detail, including logo adaptations, typography, brand colors, retail store design, store materials, stationery and all other elements that ensure Haris Cotton has a unified and recognizable image across the world and in all communication platforms.

Digital Activities

We design the strategy, plan activations and implement all necessary actions across our selected digital channels.
Focused on the latest fashion trends, in line with the brand aesthetic, we carefully craft the Haris Cotton Instagram and Facebook feeds, to increase awareness, build our fanbase and boost sales.

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Shop Decorations

Shop decorations are designed for limited spaces and maximum impact.

Created in different shapes and sizes for flexible use and adaptability, they can fit all Haris Cotton stores, offering them a signature look.

Black colored wooden frames carry a variety of quotes adhering to the brand values, focusing on design, style and sustainability.

Nude colored wooden frames present the definition of our star natural materials, cotton and linen.

Brand Applications

The branding elements are adapted for special occasions, in line with the brand’s minimal aesthetic and the values of naturalness and sustainability. For example, drawstring linen pouches were created as gift bags for jewelry and accessories, while newly proposed staff uniforms are still under discussion.


The result is a seamless brand presence across the globe, and on every available platform, physical and digital.