Client Fujitsu

Year 2019

Work TVC, Print, Media Strategy,
Radio, Digital Campaigns
& Social Media

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading brand in the air conditioning sector. The fine quality of materials, the high-end technology, the groundbreaking design and the exceptional performance are some of the features that are deeply engraved in the brand’s DNA.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we had to face was that we needed to create a campaign suitable for all seasons, so we couldn’t go down the “hot/cold” path. The aim was to convince the public that when the time comes to select an air-conditioning unit, there is nothing else but Fujitsu.

The Solution

The Fujitsu brand is the air conditioning solution that will last forever and will offer its owner everything they need and much more. We were inspired by the brand’s logo itself, which symbolizes the infinite possibilities and the endurance.

We used the brand’s red color and the infinity symbol that transforms into the symbol of the Fujitsu logo, along with the message “Few things are designed to last forever”. Once the Fujitsu logo is complete, the campaign’s main message, “Possibilities to infinity” appears.

The campaign was promoted on television, radio, social media, Facebook ads, YouTube, GDN, Programmatic, creative banners and on specific product catalogs. Our goal was to create a complete 360 campaign with presence across all media.

Furthermore, we created a second TV spot, especially designed to air before the weather forecast, in which we presented the 4 different seasons with transforming vectors. At the end, the vector transforms into the symbol of the Fujitsu logo along with the message “It’s time to stop worrying about the weather».


Media Strategy

We created a 360 media buying strategy that, according to client needs and brand strategy, was split between TV, Radio, Print, Digital and Event promotion.

This year’s change in communication strategy, focusing on promoting the brand and its values, obviously influenced the overall media strategy. In addition, the air conditioning industry is highly seasonal (with a short run from May to early August), increasing the pressure between the competition. That’s why we designed our strategy having two goals:

  • Reach as many unique consumers as possible.
  • Continuously expose our messages to consumers across all media (online & offline)

In order to achieve this and, at the same time, to increase media performance, without increasing the budget we moved as follows:

  • We created two small promotional videos in duration (10 sec).
  • We launched the campaign ahead of the competition early in April.


The campaign “Δυνατότητες στο Άπειρο” has been awarded in Indie Awards in Integrated Campaigns, Πολλαπλά Μέσα, Most Innovative Use of Media and Best Use of Media by a Regional agency