Client FG Europe

Year 2021

Work Website Redesign,

About FG Europe

FG EUROPE S.A. is one of the biggest and first companies in the field of air conditioning in Greece. It was founded in 1958 and it operates in importing and trading of consumer electronic goods, specialized in home appliances and air conditioning for residential, commercial and professional use.

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The challenge

FG EUROPE imports many global brands, like Fujitsu, Midea, Eskimo, Hitachi and others. Each of these brands has a variety of products. So it is easy to see that categorizing and
separating all these brands and products under one website is not an easy task.
The existing website felt outdated, was unresponsive and did not reflect the innovative technologies and the aesthetics of the FG EUROPE’s brands. Moreover, it failed to clearly
distinguish the brands and present each brand identity separately.
So what we needed to do in reality, was to create many different mini-websites under one master website. Our goal was to clearly present each brand, and its aesthetics and style,
whilst at the same time maintaining FG EUROPE’s premium look and feel.

UX Analysis

Initially, we proceeded to a UX Analysis. We studied the different personas of FG EUROPE’s customer target group and we designed wireframes and a detailed mindmap, in order to meet everyone’s need and achieve the easiest possible navigation for the users.

UI Design

Firstly and foremost, we have created multiple menus with different hierarchy, position and weight, so the user can easily and quickly navigate between the brands, product categories and products of their choice.
For each brand we created a separate landing page, following the same styling as the main site of FG EUROPE, but with added elements, colors and images that focus on the characteristics of each brand. In each landing page we created a detailed presentation of the technological features that stand out in each brand and we used big lifestyle photos, videos and bold font styling, so that it is easier for the user to navigate, explore, learn and read about the brand and the products that interest them.

In addition to each landing page, we created a mini landing page for each product, where the user can easily read the product description, see its features, functions, and also download the manuals and the warranty books. At the same time, creating tabs that remain sticky on scroll, makes it easy to navigate between the product presentation sections. We used transition to elements, so that the user knows when there is a certain interaction, but also enough white space around the elements so as to be clearer where to focus. In addition, we created a family of icons that makes clear what each section contains, so that we can offer even more help to the user.


The use of iconography plays an important role in the easy navigation
of the user, thanks to which we can present briefly,directly and
more pleasantly the functions and possibilities of each product,
replacing long texts and descriptions.

Icons-1 Icons-2 Icons-3


Regarding the development, we created a back-end environment
which offers the site administrators ease of
managing and updating of information.
We also paid great attention on the page’s speed optimization
since we wanted to offer the user a seamless
navigation and maximum speed.