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Client Actionaid

Year 2021

Work Website Design,

About Climate of Change

The project “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change” is co-funded by the European Commission in the framework of the DEAR programme (Development Education and Awareness Raising) and aims to develop young EU citizens awareness and critical understanding of climate change induced migration, as one of the biggest challenges of the globalized world.

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The Situation

For years, we have faced many man-made crises that are destroying lives and livelihoods around the world: from climate emergencies to economic injustices, forced migration and loss of life at our external borders, millions of people are suffering because of weak policies and general inaction.

ActionAid Hellas and 15 other partners in 13 European countries, under the auspices of WeWorld, are teaming up to raise public awareness about Environmental Migrants by organizing a series of actions across Europe to spread this message.

EU Countries


EU Countries
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in trainings
case studies


case studies

The Challenge

We needed to create a multilingual website in 10 different languages, in order ​​to spread the message across all countries. We had to
communicate all the details of the awareness campaign and at the same time, the site had to present the events in each country, news that cover the actions of the alliance and academic publications on Environmental Migration.

In addition, we needed to make it possible to create publications / invitations to visitors to sign international petitions to put institutional pressure around the actions of the alliance.

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Strategy & Creativity

Since we were addressing to young people, we had to build a website that matches their preferences. It should be “mobile first”, and we had to use colors and design attractive to younger audiences (Gen Z, Late Millennials).

According to studies published by the American Optometry Association, these generations are attracted to vibrant colors in green and blue coloration.

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For the management of the multilingual site, we used the open source WordPress platform, where custom solutions were implemented to meet the needs of the content (articles, publications, actions / events, petitions) and practices to optimize the speed of the site and its performance, as well as technologies that significantly speed up the loading of pages and positively enhance the reading experience of the user. The languages: English, German, Greek, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch

Regarding the UI/UX, we relied on specific design features, such as the Black on White scheme which is excellent for the reader’s eye, minimal graphics with thin lines and distinctive symbols, multi-column layout and smart navigation.

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This website was awarded with the bronze INDIE Award in the category for Best in Digital/Websites